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Being unemployed in your twenties gives you freedom, and you feel like enjoying your life before the "real life" begins. But the dread of an unsecured future can be mentally draining.

So it is better to build yourself in your twenties and build your identity capital by gaining real experience. Don't worry, start with a small job which you will enjoy, and build up from it.


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I read books and provide quick dense insightful points of the book. I also omit some points of a book if they are repetitive and are found in various other books. Hope you find it helpful. Cheers! Reach out to me on discord @rohitpatnaik

A guide to adulthood. Practical and insightful.

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How to negotiate better deals

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Month 4 – Find a hobby. (1)

Month 4 – Find a hobby. (1)

There are a million reasons why you should build at least one hobby.

  • It can help you grow your social network and influence.
  • It gives you

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