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1. Focus On the Little Thing

1. Focus On the Little Thing

Don’t focus on the goals that are in the distance, focus on the immediate step that is within our control. Do each thing that is front of you like it’s the only thing that matters or it’s the last thing that you have to do, and it all adds up - “Many mickle makes a muckle”.


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Stoic strategies to eliminate anxiety.

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#1 Focus on Systems Instead of Goals

#1 Focus on Systems Instead of Goals

Most goals are out of our control. Our focus should be on systems rather than goals. In a system (repeatable process), your focus is on all the parts that you do control.

Reward effort instead of achievement: small gains compound over time.

Focus on 1 thing 

If you have recurring tasks, try to do as much of the same thing on one day, so that nothing else gets in the way.

Focusing on the wrong thing

Many people have difficulty managing their time because they focus on doing the wrong thing. 

If you want to be productive, you must make sure you are working on things that really matter and things that will move you toward your goals and ta...

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