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Template Used

Template Used

The template used(refer to the image) has 6 parts :

  • Title : The title refers to the title of the paper, or the concept you want to learn.
  • Link : Here you can add the link to the reference so that you can get back to the source for further reading or cross-checking
  • Take -home message : This contains the entire idea of the resource that you've read through. It maybe the combined idea of the abstract and the conclusion of the paper you've read (if it's a scientific paper)
  • Other notes : This is where you add your opinion on the resources, be it a research gap, or ideas you can connect with, etc.


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Read too many references but don't remember how to retrieve it ? Confused about organising your notes ? Here's a simple guide to categorise your reference so that you can get back to it quicker.

The idea is part of this collection:

How to Get Started With Cooking

Learn more about writing with this collection

How to improvise with ingredients

How to follow a recipe

How to prepare ingredients

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The Popova Method: How to take notes

  1. Create a title on top of the page.
  2. Start building your ideas index: As you're reading, list the topics and ideas that seem to be important and reoccurring. Use short sentences. Use one idea per line.
  3. Record the pages: Unde...

Include image structured data

Structured data allow you to mark up the information about the web page.

schema.org is the body that manages structured data (schema markup) that we use on the web.

Another great resource for getting ideas on how to use structured data & add images to your search results is Google Sea...

The second pass: Grasp the content

Duration: Can take up to 1 hour. 


  •  Read the complete paper. 
  • Ignore details such as proofs or equations. 
  • Take some notes at the margins of the paper and write down the key points.
  • Look at any type of illustration in the paper like tables and fig...

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