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The second pass: Grasp the content

Duration: Can take up to 1 hour. 


  •  Read the complete paper. 
  • Ignore details such as proofs or equations. 
  • Take some notes at the margins of the paper and write down the key points.
  • Look at any type of illustration in the paper like tables and figures and see if you can spot any mistakes or discrepancies.

At the end of the second pass it can happen that you still don’t understand what you’ve just read. Maybe this is not your field of expertise or you are lacking background information. Write down what you didn't get and fill the knowledge gap later.


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How to Be Happy

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How to find purpose and meaning in life

How to cultivate gratitude

Techniques for managing negative thoughts

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Optional extensions(Part 1)

Use this only if you have to read the entire paper. 

  • Make little boxes: Surround equations, figures and tables with boxes. Do this during the first-pass. It will help to quantify how many details in terms of math equations you can expect. 
  • Highlighters

The Third Pass: Virtually re-implement the paper

Duration: Can take up to 4-5 hours if you're a beginner(you should carefully consider if this step is worth your time). 


  • Read the paper in its entirety and question every detail.
  • Make the same assumptions as the authors and re-create the work from scratch. You ...

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Have Your Emotions Under Control

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