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Going The Extra Mile

Render more & better service than you are paid to render, doing it all the time & with a pleasing, positive attitude.

The most successful men are those who serve the greatest number of people.


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The 17 Universal Principles of Success & Achievement. Success is yours for the taking!

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The power of perseverance

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Summary - Develop Success Driven Habits

Summary - Develop Success Driven Habits

  • Most people have habits – some are positive, some are not.
  • Successful people tend to have more of the kinds of habits that contribute to their success.
  • The good news, for those who wish to be successful, is that cultivating positive habi...

The way we interact with new information

  • A study found that when people feel they won't be able to act on the information being offered, they are more likely to reject it.
  • People that are more accepting of risk and those who focus on the future are more likely to seek information.

What's so great about hapoiness anyway?

  1. Happy people are more successful in multiple life domains, including marriage, friendship, income, work performance, and health.
  2. Happy people get sick less often and experience fewer symptoms when they do get sick...

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