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Black Swans

Black Swans

Keep an eye out for black swans. Another crucial element in negotiation is the existence of black swans—those seemingly innocuous pieces of information that, once revealed, can change the entire negotiation process. Imagine this: You’re a vendor, and you’re sitting across the table from the executives at a company that has been failing to pay you for your goods and services in full and on time. As you press for an ironclad payment schedule, your knowledge that the company posted record profits last quarter—aka your black swan—could boost your position immensely.


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Clinical Operations Manager overseeing the daily operations of Menara Clinics, ensuring all doctors & staffs perform their jobs effectively & the patients receive quality care in a clean, safe environment & provided the best healthcare options.

Negotiation is key element not just in leadership but also in team management. As a Clinic Manager it is very important to equip oneself with negotiating tools to deal with doctors, patients and staffs.

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