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(i). Venture Capital

Investments are made in early-stage companies that are developing new products or services. High-risk, high-reward.


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Private equity investments can offer investors access to exciting investment opportunities with the potential for higher returns than traditional investment vehicles.

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Venture capital funding

Usually, a new company with no revenue or earnings can't afford to borrow. It gets capital from friends, family, or individual "angel investors."

  • Venture capitalists (VCs) come into play when the company is ready to bring its product or service to market. 

Speculation is focused on short-term gains

Speculation is focused on short-term gains

  • Speculation follows the saying: “With great risk comes great reward”
  • Speculation is the act of putting money into investments that have a higher probability of failure, while also sometimes paying off with a big reward.

Why corporate venture capital is popular

CVCs typically invest with a strategic goal in mind. They want to tap into innovation across industries related to their current business and roadmap in addition to achieving a positive financial return. Furthermore, CVCs aim to build new revenue streams through strategic collabo...

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