(ii). Growth Equity - Deepstash

(ii). Growth Equity

Investments in companies with a track record of success and stable cash flow looking to expand their operations. Involves a larger investment size and less risk.


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Private equity investments can offer investors access to exciting investment opportunities with the potential for higher returns than traditional investment vehicles.

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Upskilling: Preparing For The Future

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Developing a growth mindset

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Guidelines For Managers

Top leaders and managers can benefit from these broad guidelines on risk-management issues:

  1. Companies in the same sector need not necessarily have the same hedging strategies.
  2. Companies can benefit from risk management strategies even if they don’t have any major investments...

You Don't Have to Game the System

You Don't Have to Game the System

Learning how the system works and avoiding the major pitfalls is often enough to succeed. It’s slow but it’s safe and it’s also the advice of billionaire Warren Buffett.

Buffett made his investment fortune on the fundamentals: focusing on companies with strong annual cash flow, and c...

A Coherent Risk Management Strategy

Top-level managers and financial engineers must work in tandem to develop and execute a strong risk-management strategy. The three basic premises for this corporate strategy are:

  1. Creating corporate value by making good investments.
  2. Generating cash internally to fund the inve...

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