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9. Crying Helps Us Bond

Tears seem to be a strong signal to other humans that you need some help. Seeing someone else cry can inspire empathy and cause you to cry in response or simply feel more connected to them because of that same empathetic response.


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41 Psychological Facts About Crying

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One explanation for crying is that it is a social signal. It expresses to someone how you are feeling. Negative tears may be a signal for help. Happy tears may indicate that a person is eager to be close to others and have no mean intent.

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Expressing gratitude can make you a better person. According to research, gratitude has a dampening effect on certain morally questionable behaviours. Gratitude also evokes a cooperative response.

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  1. The best support comes from just being there and making it clear that you’re available to listen to the things they want to share with you;
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