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You don’t need to be a leader to make a difference. But if you are one, delegating responsibilities to others will not only help you, but the entire organization. When you reach goals , the next step is to Enhance your assets by praising in the right way. Most often, we deflect praise away from ourselves. But when we instead reflect compliments toward the team, we grow our potential.


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Introverted Extravert

Big Potential - Book Summary (Developing Strong Connections)

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Why we feel discomfort when receiving praise

We most often feel uncomfortable if compliments catch us by surprise. When we're surprised, we move through the following sequence:

  • Stage 1: We momentarily freeze. Rising dopamine levels may cause the heart to start racing and palms sweating. This in...

Transactional Leadership

This style starts with the idea that team members agree to obey their leader when they accept a job. 

The "transaction" usually involves the organization paying team members in return for their effort and compliance on a short-term task. The leader has a right to "punish" team members if th...

The Circle of Safety

The Circle of Safety

The Circle of Safety refers to a feeling of security & belonging that is essential for human beings to thrive. When we feel safe, we are more likely to take risks, be creative, and innovate. This is because we are not worried about our own survival, so we can focus on helping the...

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