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Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

Clearly define goals and expectations for your remote team. This helps maintain focus and ensures that everyone is working towards a common objective.


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A deep thinker and a big enthusiast of technology.

Being a leader is not only a position but a responsibility. To become a good leader is our extension of gratitude to the world and being a good leader allows us to create more good leaders for a better world.

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Manage expectations

You need to help your team understand who is responsible for what. Communicate realistic expectations of their work out of that. Well, expectation management also applies to you as a leader. Prepare yourself and your team to successfully tackle work tasks by clearly defining those tasks and the r...

Set Both Foundational And Personal Expectations

There are core values that apply to everyone and everything. They need to be set clearly and early.

Then there are personal expectations that are unique to the employee. They need to be set in partnership with the employee. It should be set in a way that meets their goals.

Team expectations

Team expectations refer to the behaviors that occur while working together on tasks. 

  • Respect and courtesy to everyone.
  • Be accountable for your work.
  • Be reasonably flexible about task assignments.
  • Be willing to lend a helping hand.

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