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Spend a Day without your Watch

Take more Risks. Life is nothing more than a game of numbers—the more risks you take, the more rewards you will receive.

Live a life. There really are no problems, just opportunities waiting to be recognized as solutions by the person of wisdom.

Learn from a good movie. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

Bless Your Money. The hand that gives is the hand that gathers.


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Raising the Standards

101 things to learn from 'Who will cry when you die' by Robin Sharma

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How To Make Friends As An Adult

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How to find common interests

How to be a good listener

How to overcome social anxiety

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6. Have a Backup Plan

6. Have a Backup Plan

The old adage is solid wisdom:

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

Having a backup plan gives you more confidence to move forward and take calculated risks.

The magic spell of desire

Every thought has a desire behind it. It fuels the mind to divert attention from the current moment and instead focus on the spell of desire. If I receive a message from someone from work, I anticipate how I will feel reading the message. All focus is on predicti...

Laptops vs pen and paper

In an experiment, students were given Ted Talks to watch and were told to take notes, half with laptops, the other with pen and paper.

  • The students using a keyboard were more likely to type the lecturers' words verbatim without processing the information. 
  • The students writing...

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