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Get good at Asking. If you refuse to accept anything but the best; you very often get it.

Look for the Higher Meaning of your work

Build a library of Heroic Books

Develop Your Talents. The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live.

Connect with nature.

Use your commute time.

Go on a news fast. Don’t consume any news for a particular amount of time each day

Get Serious about setting goals.

Remember the rule of 21. It takes 21 days to develop a new habit. Powerful indeed is the empire of habit.

Practice Forgiveness


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Raising the Standards

101 things to learn from 'Who will cry when you die' by Robin Sharma

The idea is part of this collection:

How To Make Friends As An Adult

Learn more about books with this collection

How to find common interests

How to be a good listener

How to overcome social anxiety

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Embrace the Audio Book

Use your commute to and from work to build/strengthen your reading habit.

  • Tip #1: Rather than setting out to spend your entire commute listening to an audiobook, just pick one leg of the commute. Making time to read more doesn’t have to mean giving up on ...

Habits And The 2–Minute Rule

The 2–Minute Rule allows you to develop a process of consistently taking action, regardless of goal achievement. The focus is on taking action and letting things flow from there.

The 2–Minute Rule works for big and small goals because of the inertia of life. Once you start doing some...

Genetics And The Hand We're Dealt

Genetics And The Hand We're Dealt

Nobody makes it through life without collecting a few scars along the way -

  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts
  • Having been subjected to abuse or neglect
  • Dealt with a tragedy or death of a loved one
  • Surv...

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