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Be a Better Parent

Be Unorthodox. To live a richer, more rewarding life, it is essential that you run your own race.

Carry a goal card. The great and glorious masterpiece of men is to live to the point.

Be more than your moods. You are the creator of the moods you experience.

Savor the simple stuff. Have the wisdom to savor the simple things


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Raising the Standards

101 things to learn from 'Who will cry when you die' by Robin Sharma

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How To Make Friends As An Adult

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We are creative in the morning and analytical at night

We are creative in the morning and analytical at night

Your brain is more creative in the morning and more analytical at night.

Use your analytical evening strength to provide a simple plan and starting-point so your creative morning brain can run wild when you first wake up.

Don't aim for happiness and success

Don't aim for happiness and success

Don't aim at success - the more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. Success, like happiness, cannot be pursued

They are the byproduct of following a cause that is much greater than ourselves or the byproduct of following habits, processes, systems ...

3. Get Your Priorities Right

3. Get Your Priorities Right

The way into a good rundown is organizing things effectively. Stay away from the temptation to do the simple stuff first, as opposed to the tasks that are the needs.


It's likely that if you adopt this strategy, at that point the things that perhaps don't get finished that day possib...

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