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3. Purpose (Mind)

3. Purpose (Mind)

Your mind is your power to make decisions.

You cannot control the thoughts that come to your mind, but you can control your reactions to them.

The best way to train your mind well is to start every day with positivity.

Schedule a morning routine by paying attention on:

  • what you’ll do when you wake up,
  • what you’ll read today,
  • what content you’ll consume, and
  • who are the people you’ll talk to first.


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CORE 4 Principles

CORE 4 Principles

CORE 4 represents something unique about your life.

  1. Power (body).
  2. Passion (relationship).
  3. Purpose (mind).
  4. Production (business).


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Create Your Happiness

Create Your Happiness

Now that you understand CORE 4; create your happiness!

  1. Quit your job if it doesn’t make you happy.
  2. Stay away from people that bring lousy energy to you.
  3. Approach every day with positivity.
  4. Look forward to every challenge with a determination to ...


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You Decide

You Decide

You are the only person to blame for whatever is happening to you.

You are the pilot of your life and the only one who can decide whether to live a good life, or not.


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2. Passion (Relationship)

2. Passion (Relationship)

Nothing kills growth more than being in a bad relationship. It extends to harbouring resentments, anger, sadness, etc.

You can learn to do these:

  1. Replace negative words with positive reactions.
  2. When someone offends you, walk away. Make your feelings know...


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CORE 4 Representations

CORE 4 Representations

  • Your body represents your physical presence.
  • The relationship represents how you interact with everyone around you: family, friends, and environment.
  • The mind is about how you must positively view things, embrace life's value...


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Everything you do in life falls under four categories. You must perfectly understand them to live a fulfilling life.

The four categories are CORE 4.

They shape the way you live, how you see the world, and how you approach the world in general.


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There’s a limit to your control over other people, but there’s no limit to how much you can control yourself.



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1. Power (Body)

1. Power (Body)

Having a fit body is an absolute necessity.

You have no excuse for not being fit.

Your body is what hugs your kids, takes you to work, gets you intimate with your partner, and gives you the luxury to enjoy everything you’ve worked for.

Get fit, in shape,...


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4. Production (Business)

4. Production (Business)

Most people unintentionally substitute their family for a job, thereby losing a bigger part of themselves.

There are two ways out of such a situation:

  1. You give up and lose everything.
  2. You hire a CORE 4 coach and work things out nicely.

Hiring ...


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A junior reader who enjoy topics that advocate for self-improvement. Also a proponent of healthy living and mindfulness (still learning). Let’s connect and explore the world of books together!

Learn the four principles of taking control of our life: the work-life balance, reasons to be fit, and how to shape our life.

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6. Improve Your Routines And Habits

Take control of the beginning and end of our days with a good morning routine and evening routine.

For the morning routine,

  1. Thankfulness
  2. Insight
  3. Meditation
  4. Exercise


To start the Magic Morning Mindset, try to start going to bed a bit early, to wake up early. Make sure you have all you need in the morning, like a yoga mat, pen and notepad.

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Attention Determines Your Direction

The quality of your life is mostly determined by what you pay attention to. But most of what grasps our attention isn't good for us, such as anxiety and anger about things we cannot control.

Like a prudent gardener, you can choose what you let grow in your mind by watching the conv...

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