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Having a written financial plan gives us a measurable goal to work toward. We can reduce doubt or uncertainty about our decisions and adjust to help overcome obstacles that could derail us.

The brain is the very essence of our personality and abilities. Unraveling the brain will help us understand the basis of human behavior and actions.

Sleep is a critical element of our well-being. Though it's the simplest thing to do, many are suffering from getting a good amount of sleep.

The Mastery of Love explains how we can turn hurt into a learning curve, including how to handle fear.

Finding our creative side is important. Creativity allows us to view and solve problems differently, and the most importantly, it opens the mind and new perspective.

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Kautsar Ikrami


A junior reader who enjoy topics that advocate for self-improvement. Also a proponent of healthy living and mindfulness (still learning). Let’s connect and explore the world of books together!


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