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If you simply spend 30 minutes at the beginning of each week thinking about these 4 quadrants and what you want to spend your time on in the coming week, you will be 10x more productive than you usually are.

What you'll quickly realize is that you've only been spending time on urgent tasks each week. It's a constant fire-drill. You're simply trying to get one thing off your plate, so you can breathe for half a second and get to the next emergency to get off your plate.

If someone stopped you and asked you whether the way you're spending your time on these urgent tasks is helping you to get to your long-term goal (whatever that is) of, for example, starting your own company, getting into a new industry, or reaching your next big job promotion, you'd probably say: "No, but I just need to get this stuff done to clear up time on my schedule so that I can do those things."




Quadrant 4: Not Urgent - Not Important. These things we do because we feel like we're tired and need a break. It's watching a mindless TV show at the end of the day. It's checking and rechecking Facebook and Twitter during the day, because we think we might miss something. It min...

Stephen Covey died last week. He pioneered the business self-help genre with the 1989 publication of his mega-hit book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People."

When I saw he died, I got a little panic-stricken because I couldn't remember a single one of the seven habits.

That ...

I guarantee that you will not see flowers from planting these seeds for several months if not a year. However, if you keep with it, making it part of your regular routine, you will absolutely be blown away with the results in a year or so from now.

Opportunities will pop up. Connections wi...

You never have to worry about the tasks in Quadrant 1 (the urgent and important tasks). You'll always have to take care of them.

You have to - as much as you can - eliminate the Quadrant 4 tasks (not urgent and not important). Just say no to Facebook. Shut them off.. They're a time suck.

The most important thing you can do in your career relating to this simple two-by-two matrix is to do some Quadrant 2 stuff (not urgent but important) every day. At least 10% of your day needs to be devoted to this important but not urgent stuff. Ideally, you're spending 30% of every day on this....

Only, guess what? You're like a hamster on the wheel. You'll never clear up time on your schedule. You'll always be drinking from the firehose on these urgent tasks.

In fact, things in business since the 7 Habits book was published in 1989 have only made us more focused on Urgent stuff. Th...

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Time management matrix

At the beginning of every week, write a two-by-two matrix on a blank sheet of paper.

One side of the matrix says "urgent" and "not urgent".  The other side of the matrix says "important" and "not important." 

Then, write all the things you want to do that week.




The Eighth Qualitative Habit

It's related to your ability to act instead of reacting when things don’t go your way.

Your reactivity impacts your attitude, performance, effectiveness and how others perceive you.




Be Proactive

Reactive people believe the world is happening to them. They focus on things that are in their circle of concern, but not in their circle of influence.

Proactive people recognize that they are able to choose how they will respond to a given situation. They focus on the things ...