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What's Fast And What's Slow?

What's Fast And What's Slow?

So you might be thinking, I am in control, i mostly can swear that i direct my own mind to focus on certain things which are interesting to me, and hence i design my own perspective about things, i hold the brush and paint this painting, well i hate to tell you that that is what Kahneman called the systems 1 and 2

System 1: This is fast, intuitive, and automatic thinking. It's the kind of thinking we use for quick, everyday decisions and reactions.

System 2: This is slower, more deliberate, and analytical thinking. It's used for more complex cognitive tasks that require effort and concentratio n


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It's harder to ask the right question than to answer a hard one

"'Thinking, Fast and Slow' by Daniel Kahneman is a profound exploration of the human mind, unraveling the intricacies of how we think, decide, and often misjudge.

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Intuitive and reflective thinking

Intuitive and reflective thinking

  • Intuitive and automatic: This kind of thinking is quick and feels instinctive. You duck when a ball is thrown at you unexpectedly.
  • Reflective and rational: This thinking is deliberate and self-conscious. You use this system when you ha...

The two-system theory

There are two thinking systems, each with distinct characteristics.

  • System 1, or intuition. We think in this way most of the time. We respond to the world in ways that we're not conscious of and don't control. System 1 operations are fast, effortless...

The brain when we make decisions

The 2 systems of the brain that wok during decision making:

  • System 1 is automatic and quick (like "something feeling off").
  • System 2 is deliberate and slow (like an algorithm).

At times, these systems are at odds with each other, but research shows it's always best ...

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