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Online we see the "perfect" lives of other people, even just the ones around us. People can control what others see and what they don't.

Even without the existence of phones people compared themselves to what they saw of other people.

We have to stop comparing ourselves to people we don't know. We can't know everything that someone has gone through, even if they seem so perfect.


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Thinking about subjects such as science, self-improvement and learning about people and their habits are some of my favorite things to do :)

This is my idea of how phones and social media are ruining our happiness. I've thought about this subject a lot because I use my phone often and don't feel good about it.

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Life's a struggle for everyone

Stop comparing what you know of your deep self to the shallow front others advertise about their lives.

Everyone seems to know how to live, but you don't. However, you don't know. We may decide what to tell and what to hide. A few people may appear to have perfect lives, b...

Don’t Criticize Others

Align with criticizing ourselves, we also like to criticize others. We judge and label other people so quickly, even if we don’t know them.

If you want to lower the level of negative thoughts, stop comparing yourself to others. 

Recipe for unhappiness

Not only are we unhappy but the other people are as well. They are probably comparing themselves to you. 

At worst, when we compare ourselves to others we end up focusing our energy on bringing them down instead of raising ourselves up.

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