6. Develop your team's talents. - Deepstash
6. Develop your team's talents.

6. Develop your team's talents.

Empower your team members and build their confidence through delegating responsibility and encouraging autonomy. People who are empowered feel a much greater sense of ownership for making results happen and are far more likely to excel in their roles. Another benefit to you of developing your team is freeing up your time so you can step up and be more strategic.


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Remember that ego can be both friend and foe. By utilizing your emotional intelligence, you can effectively navigate the turbulent waters of leadership while keeping your own and others' egos in check.

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Reasons to involve your team in decision making

There are three great advantages to involving your support team – or indeed any team – in decision making:

  • It gives team members a greater sense of ownership, which contributes to feeling motivated and like their work matters. 
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Developing Your Team

Developing Your Team

Teams are made up of individuals who have different outlooks and abilities, and are at different stages of their careers. Some may be challenged by the tasks you assign and need help while others may be unchallenged, and may be looking for opportunities to stretch their skills.


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