7. Ask for feedback. - Deepstash
7. Ask for feedback.

7. Ask for feedback.

Complacency is another way our ego can hold us back. Counteract this by being open to learning and asking your team, peers and seniors for feedback. This is probably the most powerful tool for self-improvement, helping you identify your strengths and blind spots.


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Remember that ego can be both friend and foe. By utilizing your emotional intelligence, you can effectively navigate the turbulent waters of leadership while keeping your own and others' egos in check.

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Seeking good feedback

If you want good feedback:

  • Be open to listening to the things you might not want to hear.
  • Explain that you want to identify your blind spots so that you can improve.
  • Be gracious with the results, even if they're unpleasant.

Some professions come with f...

Create a safe space for feedback

The first step of incorporating wins and failures into agile is creating a safe environment where all feedback will be encouraged and welcomed.

  • As for feedback, accept it gracefully, and use it to grow - even if it is difficult to hear. When you lead...

Think of yourself as an eternal student to stay humble.

Think of yourself as an eternal student to stay humble.

Think of yourself like many of the ancient Stoics did: An eternal student of life, dedicated to learning as long as you live. This keeps you humble and encourages you to learn from the best in your field.

However, it pays to look both up and down the chain...

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