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Losing distinction

There is a numbing effect that appears when our days are exactly the same.
But this is how so many of the less privileged around the world, forced to work jobs involving menial labor, day after day after day, already live.

The illusion of time

To some degree, time is an illusion. We are bound by its forward passage, but the perceptions we have placed upon time have been invented: we invented the year, the month, the day, the hour, the minute, the second.
The way we understand time is almost entirely dependent on the fact that we evolved on this planet, circling this sun.

Time and labor

Time, at least as we understand it, is also a byproduct of capitalism.

  • In early human cultures, delineations of time were broad understandings of when the sun came up and went down, when the seasons changed. 
  • As industrialization became the norm, time became a mechanized system that no longer served those who’d invented it. We increasingly served at the beck and call of time, for that is how those who possessed capital could best regulate those who performed the labor.

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