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Is Procastination Ever Ok

Is Procastination Ever Ok

  1. You will need to let something go and you procrastinate on the smaller tasks
  2. The little bits and pieces that can be time wasters are often the task you can skip.


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How to motivate ourselves to do tiny tasks

Motivation often follows action. If you just do something immediately without stopping to think about why you don't want to do it, you will succeed better.

  • Next time you don't like doing a minor task, ask yourself: what is the next step I nee...

Interruptions: What are they and How to Fix them?

An interruption is anything that prevents the start-to-finish completion of a critical task.

The 3 main offenders:

  1. Time wasters. Things that can be ignored with little or no consequence
  2. Time consumers. Repetitive tasks or...

The Antidotes To Our ‘Being Busy’ Tendencies

  1. Prioritize high-impact tasks that actually matter. These tasks should be 80 per cent of what we do.
  2. As for choosing a task, find the meaning and purpose behind it, and then connect to it.
  3. Focus on one small task at a time,...

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