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Rituals are important to maintain a positive connection. A ritual can be anything that makes you and your partner regularly turn towards each other, emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Rituals of connection form the pillars of this culture, making the bond stronger by reinforcing it.

Couples In Lockdown

Couples In Lockdown

In lockdown(or home quarantine), relationships are being stress-tested across the globe, as couples and partners live together 24/7, and have to deal with:

  • New kinds of stressful situations.
  • Working from home, which has its own unique challenges.
  • Makeshift PC workstations or workspaces.
  • No personal space.
  • Adjusting to the new rules of living together.

Kinds Of Rituals

Strong and meaningful rituals, whether it is praying together, or even coining nicknames, can stitch couples together and build strong relationships.

  • Certain couples have initiated rituals that mimic an office day.
  • Others have specific clothes to wear that signal that they are not to be disturbed.
  • Couples can give each other football-style yellow cards when one of them has done something stupid. They can also 'park' the mistakes and make a list to look into later.
  • Many couples have evening walks together to reconcile their day and apologize for any missteps.

Remembering The Past

Reading old diaries and letters, or looking at old pictures is a great way to bond at home, while revisiting old memories when life wasn’t too complicated. Since there are kids present in most homes too due to schools being shut, the partners can read out old children’s books to them or have themed dinner parties at home.

It is important to stay home, stay safe and safeguard what’s most important to you: Your loved ones.

Listen More

Everyone is stressed out as there are losses all around. Most of us miss life before the lockdown. It is a good idea to let those feelings come out, listen attentively to the partner, and maybe give a hug, while avoiding any ‘fix-it’ response.

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