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1. Keep things simple — keep them on target

1. Keep things simple — keep them on target

Start with specific, written objectives and a strategy. You need a theme to give your presentation unity and direction, and to fix your purpose in your audience’s mind. Make it a simple theme, easy to remember, and open with it, using a headline to state it. Tie every element in your presentation to the theme.


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5 tips to help your presentation have a lasting impact on the audience.

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The benefits of simple strategies

When providing your team with an easy way to understand strategy, you are bound to find yourself in a very pleasant situation, as people tend to understand better simple guidelines.

Therefore, keep it simple and straightforward for better results!

Write things down to forget them

In the book, the main character had his ideas written down on slips of paper. As he recalls "the main purpose of the slips was not to help him remember. It was to help him forget it."

The analogy he used is that of a 🍵 tea cup. To pour new tea you have to get rid of old te...

2. Pick a Simple Strategy

The beginning of your journey into the cryptocurrency market will be hectic. You will quickly become bombarded with ideas for trading strategies. Find a strategy that’s simple to implement and maintain as you learn.

  • Remember there is no magic bullet. There has never be...

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