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Expectations vs. Reality

Expectations vs. Reality

Often times we expect reality to mesh with our ideas or expectations, and when it doesn't it's a catastrophic event, even if it was pretty predictable had we just let go of those cherished expectations and ideals. We shouldn't let these ideas of what 'should be' cloud our vison of what 'could be'.


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Expectations can shape our reality, but we shouldn't let them blind us. They can be resources to use, opinions to share and explore, but we should always keep an open mind

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Realistic expectations

Realistic expectations

Anxiety is often caused by our own expectations. For example, we may expect a road to be smooth, but driving into a pothole may cause great anxiety. The anxiety is caused by the expectation of a good road when it doesn't fit the facts.

To overcome unrealistic expectations,...

Expectations are Part of Our Ego

Dropping all expectations isn’t that easy.

We usually do not look at reality as it is, due to it coloured by our beliefs, ideals, fantasies, frustrations, and assumptions. Expectations become part of our ego and becomes the reason we feel discouraged, overwhelmed and inadequate.

Setting unrealistic expectations

Expectations are our idea of how we think the world should look. This may involve how we should feel, what we should have achieved, and how other people should be treating us.

We could set up expectations that are too high based on arbitrary rules and then become frustrate...

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