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The Benefits of Mindfulness

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an incredible relaxation technique. It makes you aware of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. And you can use it to recognize when your need for dopamine becomes unbearable to act preemptively.

If you practice with perseverance, you will learn to identify the triggers that lead to dopamine release in your brain. You will explore your feelings and your coping system. And you will gain a strategic advantage over your addictions.

I suggest starting with apps like Headspace or Petit BamBou.


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Too much dopamine can ruin your life and make you procrastinate instead of achieving your dreams. Here's an article on how to control it.

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The mindfulness zone

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Exercises to get rid of the anxiety

  • Progressive muscle relaxation . This technique focuses on contracting, then releasing different muscle groups. It can be done in tandem with deep breathing. The goal in practicing this technique is to get your body to relax. This can stop you from trembling.
  • ...

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