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How To Balance Dopamine After the Challenge

How To Balance Dopamine After the Challenge

After the challenge, you must find a way to balance your dopamine needs and reintroduce them into your life.

But how can you do that?

  • Set clear boundaries. If an activity created problems in the past, you don’t want to let it happen again.
  • Replace activities. During the challenge, you already replaced some unhealthy activities with healthier ones. So keep practicing.
  • Control your mind. If any control system helped you cope with your dopamine needs, keep going. And if it didn’t, find another one.
  • Practice self-care. Take care of your habits, activities, and even friendships to avoid relapses.


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Too much dopamine can ruin your life and make you procrastinate instead of achieving your dreams. Here's an article on how to control it.

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