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The To-Done List and the To-Don’t List

The To-Done List and the To-Don’t List

The To-Done List and the To-Don’t List

Time commitment to get started: Medium

Type: Abstract

Perfect for people who: Spend too much time worrying about how much didn’t get done yesterday/have a lot of bad habits that prevent productivity.

What it does: Flips the traditional to-do list on its head in order to look at productivity in a new way.

To make a To-Done list, keep track of what you’ve accomplish throughout the day. Rather than focusing on all that’s left to do, keep your focus on your progress. Review your to-done list at the end of every day.

If you try this and it feels a little silly, stick it out for a day or two. You might find that you’ve accomplished a lot more than you thought — and research shows that progress (no matter how small) is a huge motivator.

You can also try the To-Don’t List.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Make a list of activities and bad habits that you want to avoid and write them down. Then check them off as you manage to avoid each.


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