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Fighting the sneeze

While holding in a sneeze is not a god idea, as it can lead to hearing loss or even weaken blood vessels in your brain, there are other ways to stop it. For instance, keeping your house clean of dust or pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth might prove safer not only for you but also for the people around.


What we have come to know as 'sneezing' is actually technically called 'sternutation'.This happens whenever we get an allergy, an infection or when irritants touch our nasal mucosa. Sneezing is beneficial for our health, as it expels foreign particles from our nasal mucosa.

Types of sneezing

There are many different reasons for which people sneeze. Among these, some of the most common refer to sneezing in the light, due to the fact that the signal through which the pupils are shrunk crosses paths with the signal to sneeze or sneezing when feeling a cold draft.

Sneezing-related reactions

You must have experienced, at least once, general sneezing-related reactions such as closing your eyes while sneezing or sneezing more times in a raw. Now, one thing that might surprise you is that also animals, such as dogs and iguanas sneeze. The purpose is the same as in humans, in order to expel foreign particles from the nasal mucosa.

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