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The Role of Confidence and Trust:

The Role of Confidence and Trust:

Pre-Suasion underscores the significance of building confidence and trust before attempting to persuade.

It explores how establishing a foundation of trust can enhance the persuader's credibility and impact.


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When it comes to persuasion, success can begin before you say a word. The book delves into the psychological principles that shape people's receptivity to influence, providing insights into the subtle cues and strategies that can significantly impact the success of persuasion efforts.

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Optimal persuasion is achieved through optimal pre-suasion: arranging for people to agree with a message before they know what's in it.

Pre-suasion is about establishing your credibility and relationship. And you can do that by building trust, showing vulnerability and...

Ethos Dimension 2: Delivery

Ethos Dimension 2: Delivery

Establishing that credibility when presenting can be a tough gig. Research suggests that audiences form an impression about our competence within 30 seconds. It’s best to be forewarned and forearmed. That’s where Mueck’s delivery dimension kicks in. Alongside those credentials, w...

Building Trust Early

A strong foundation of trust needs to be laid as early as possible. Create a ‘shield of goodwill’ to minimize any miscommunication.

Building trust will ensure that even if there is ambiguity, the words and actions are coming with good intentions.

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