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-Break Your Tasks Up-

-Break Your Tasks Up-

•.• Turn on your do not disturb for a specified amount of time you choose•.•

.•. Mute your notifications for a time .•.

Each day is made up of many moments, but it is really a few habitual choices that determines the path you take. These choices stack up, each one setting the direction for how you spend your time.


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Break Down Your Tasks

It's likely that from all the financial planning you'll eventually get overwhelmed and think about giving up. Should that scenario happen, allow yourself to take a break and self-soothe. Afterwards, list down everything that you need to do and divide them into manageable tasks then allocate a ce...

Eliminate Distractions

  • Manage your attention. Recognize when your mind starts wandering and redirect your focus when it slips up.
  • Block time for emails. Turn off email notifications and schedule two or three time blocks daily for checking emails.
  • Declutter....

1. Guard Your Time

1. Guard Your Time

Don’t allow negative people to steal your time and energy. Rather than complain about people you don't enjoy, choose to strike up conversations about pleasurable topics.

Take back your power by limiting the amount of time you spend talking about, thinking about, and worryin...

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