The root of all growth, learning, and kindness, humility is the absence of entitlement. 
Humility annihilates ignorance and cultivates grace at the same time.  

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Empathy breeds compassion, connection, and love. It brings people closer and makes others feel understood and less alone.

Empathetic people genuinely care, but they also respect and understand the boundaries and privacy of the people that surround them.


The main driver for our quest for knowledge, novelty, experience, and connection, curiosity is a solid foundation for a life filled with stories, memories, and accomplishments.

Thorugh the eyes of curios person, the world is too large and our time on it too short to ever remain fully satisfied in any of our pursuits.

... humility is the soul. Curiosity is the mind. Empathy is the heart.

Humility is how you value yourself. Curiosity is how you value your others. Empathy is how you value the bonds between yourself and others.

The 3 keys for unlocking your best self

There are three elements that, when mixed together, have the potential to create a spellbinding supernova of a person, that is able to take over their life and lead others at the same time: Humility, Curiosity, and Empathy.

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Feeling included in organizations

What leaders say and will contribute up to 70 % to whether an individual will feeling included. 

The more people feel included, the more they speak up, go the extra mile, and collaborate.

Positive Resilience And Psychological Distress
  • Positive Resilience is the ability to remain hopeful and upbeat during a crisis. If during a pandemic, a person still has positive experiences, like doing things that are enjoyable, then the person is positively resilient.
  • Psychological distress is the level of disruption in one’s psychological state of mind, and how irritated, depressed, or anxious one feels.
  • Those who had seen a lot of pandemic films reported feeling more prepared when the real thing happened.
The meaning of bridging differences

Bridging differences means finding ways to create positive dialogue and understanding across race, religion, political ideology, etc.

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