Let’s assume it’s true. What is fueling it? - Deepstash
Let’s assume it’s true. What is fueling it?

Let’s assume it’s true. What is fueling it?

  • Swaying public opinion
  • The phenomenon of vanity metrics

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Is it true? Could be.

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Deliberate practice involves constant feedback and measurement

Practicing something without knowing if you are getting better is pointless.

  • Identify the most important metrics related to performance. Keep a record of them each time you practice.
  • Be careful of vanity metrics. For exampl...

It’s not about you

Instead of gaining control, you subject yourself to the opinion of someone else. It turns you against yourself and away from the truth.

You were not rejected; the outcome you desired was. Be honest about the motives. You might be wanting the wrong thing.

What a principle is

What a principle is

It's a fundamental truth that you can use to build the foundation of your life. A principle is not an opinion or a belief. A principle is a matter of cause and effect.

Principles can become personal guidelines. And the point of having principles is that it shifts you from short-te...

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