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It might seem difficult not to care for all the things that is going on around you. I'm not telling you not to care from all of it, just think about what are the things that really matters, and say to yourself. What else can I do?


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Seeing one's true nature

Dealing with the world is a tough battle, or perhaps you just worry too much about the things you shouldn't really have to care about. Let's dive in into realizing how letting things happen can help you grow as a better person, and have a healthy mindset to cope to any challenges.

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Some more questions to ask yourself

Some more questions to ask yourself

You can also ask yourself these questions:

When did I first want this?

Was I influenced by somebody else telling me this was a good thing?

What do I think this thing will really bring me?

Do I think it will ...

Put a Better Spin On Things

Put a Better Spin On Things

A simple semantic tweak can actually change your outlook. Instead of telling yourself, "I'm not good at this, I can’t do it," train yourself to say, "I think I may not do it. "

This little change of wording gives you distance and reminds you that your low self-esteem moment is just t...

When to speak up

When you have to do something difficult, ask yourself these questions to determine if you're impulsive or need to speak up.

  • Do I really mean it, or do I just want to hear my own voice?
  • Can I defend it if I'm challenged on it?
  • Can I say it thoughtfully?

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