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Accept your anxiety

Accept your anxiety

  • 🧠 Fear costs energy
  • 🚫 Suppression increases fear
  • 😌 Acceptance can conquer your fears


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A practical guide to help us improve our communication skills. It offers useful strategies and techniques to communicate more effectively and interact successfully with others.

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Decide if you should face your fear

  • Consider the pros and cons of not facing your fear. 
  • Write those down. 
  • Identify the pros and cons of tackling your fears head-on. 
  • Write down what you might achieve or how your life might be different.

The best way to conquer a fear is ...

Scared? Accept it

Many of us stick to playing it safe, but that’s the killer of any great performance.

There’s no magic trick for dissolving fear, but you can manage it: Before you go into a situation that matters, take some time to identify your greatest fear or fears. Be as specific as possible and ...

Accept your fallibility

Facing mistakes often takes us straight to the heart of our fears. And when we experience and face those fears, they can disappear. 

When we are stuck and admit that we can't do it alone it sends a signal and opens the door for help to show up. People, resources, and solutions will ...

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