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How to SELL?

How to SELL?

"If you know who to sell the product to and the person who needs the product, then the sale automatically happens. How to sell then will never be the problem."

PEU Method for selling- Prepare the product, package it with emotion, and make it feel like it's urgent

Why do people buy- Fear (FOMO) or Aspiration (To level up)?


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Just another homo-sapien

This piece of work is the journey of the author himself, telling and guiding the readers while sharing his own experiences. He describes selling, negotiating, generating ideas, public speaking and personal branding while stating that how our education system is not taking care of the important things.

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Sell the problem

You should convince your manufacturer, customer, or buyer that there’s an urgent problem that needs solving. There are four types of people you’ll be speaking with:

  1. The director is someone who wants you to be very concise and to the point. 
  2. The socializ...

How to find the Marketplace?

How to find the Marketplace?

Well it’s one of the problem, Ecommerce startups usually face. Everyone is keen to earn through online selling but don’t know where & how to start. Some of them faced huge loss trying to sell online without any prior understanding of MarketPlace.

For Example : If you’re sel...

How To Approach Category Design

How To Approach Category Design

  • Think thoroughly about what problems you're solving.
  • Make people aware of that problem. Make them aware of the reasons why that problem isn't being solved, why nobody else is capable of solving it, why you're the person who understands the problem, and the one who understands how t...

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