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3. Interrupt the procrastination habit

3. Interrupt the procrastination habit

Focus on one task and work on it for just five minutes. The reason why you should work for only five minutes is to remind yourself that work is not the problem but the habit of avoiding. You just need to start to disrupt the avoidance pattern. 

Another positive effect: Based on research, 80 % of people who manage to start working for only five minutes are going to continue their work.


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This short video delves into the idea that procrastination is more of a behavior pattern than a inherent aspect of a person's character, indicating that it can be addressed using a method rooted in scientific understanding.

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Overcome procrastination

If you're procrastinating on a task, don't force yourself to finish it. Just put it in a time box.

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Decisive moments set the options available to your future self. A habit must be established before it can be improved.

Habits can be completed in a few seconds but continue to impact your behavior for minutes or hours afterward.

Many habits occur at decisive moments—choices that are l...

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