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#1 Start With A Very Specific Goal

#1 Start With A Very Specific Goal

Why do you want to build a personal brand?

Do you want the world to remember you as the greatest at something?

Want more money from your skills?

Need others to respect you?

Before you embark on the journey to build your personal brand, you need to define and set a very specific goal.

The more specific it is, the more your vision will be clear and achieving new heights for your personal brand goals.

This will set the tone for your next steps. In case of earning more money, your content style and narrative will be different from what it would be if your goal is to build authority.


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Learn 7 secrets of turning yourself into a personal brand from the infamous growth marketer and author Talha Mumtaz.

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1. Be very specific about your goal

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SMART goal-setting framework

SMART goal-setting framework

Set goals that are:

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  • You need to actually want that goal.
  • You need to believe you can actually achieve your goal.
  • You need to visualize your goal.
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