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#1 Start With A Very Specific Goal

#1 Start With A Very Specific Goal

Why do you want to build a personal brand?

Do you want the world to remember you as the greatest at something?

Want more money from your skills?

Need others to respect you?

Before you embark on the journey to build your personal brand, you need to define and set a very specific goal.

The more specific it is, the more your vision will be clear and achieving new heights for your personal brand goals.

This will set the tone for your next steps. In case of earning more money, your content style and narrative will be different from what it would be if your goal is to build authority.


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#2 Become An Expert In Your Domain

#2 Become An Expert In Your Domain

Do you know why people trust Apple, Google or Microsoft? Because they are the experts in their domains.

Nobody can design products more innovative than Apple. Software better than Google and professional tools more refined than Microsoft.

They have been in the game for so long that they have learned everything there is to appeal to their target market.

You need to do the same. You need to select a domain and master it.

Learn all you can about it and be ready to teach others and answer questions when your audience comes looking for you.


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#3 Establish Your Presence

#3 Establish Your Presence

To become a brand, you will need to be seen. And to be seen, you will need to leverage the platforms and channels your audience is spending most of their time on.

But before that, you will need to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Are you comfortable making videos and speaking openly? If yes than you can start making videos on YouTube.

But if you are someone who loves writing rather than showing your face, you can create a website, write on Twitter, post on Quora and any other writing channels that suits you.

Just understand what makes you comfortable and build your persona.


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#4 Create Content Like A Machine

#4 Create Content Like A Machine

I remember how Dan Lok got his first few clients. He wrote a book and then showed it to someone on a flight.

The guy got so impressed that he gave him his business. Just like that, you need to create a lot of content to establish yourself.

Gary Vaynerchuk didn鈥檛 become a brand overnight.

It took him years of producing content and showing up every day that his audience started taking notice of him and eventually he built his fan following.

Don鈥檛 start posting everywhere all at once. It might burn you out. In fact, select a few channels and then start producing content around your expertise.


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#5 Understand Marketing & SEO

#5 Understand Marketing & SEO

Let me give you a small exercise to do. Go to Google, Bing or any search engine of your liking and type your name.

Hit the results and see where do you appear right now. If you appear in the top results, well-done, if not, you should start understanding how to get there.

For that, you need to learn to create content that refers back to you. You will need to learn the basics of SEO.

Such as writing content that gets shared by users while giving credits to you. The more your content gets indexed and shared, the higher kin the search results will you appear.


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#6 Set A Unique Tone For Yourself

#6 Set A Unique Tone For Yourself

What comes into your mind when you think about Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, or Gary Vaynerchuk?

If you鈥檙e like most people, you might say that Elon Musk sounds like the smartest billionaire, Tony Robbins like a motivated athelete and Gary Vaynerchuk like a pumped up teenager who doesn鈥檛 care about what others think about him.

The reason why you think of them like this is because each of them have a personal narrative.

This combined with the stories they have built that helps them connect and resonate with their audiences.

You can do the same by having a unique voice to find your type of audience.


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#7 Associate The Giants

#7 Associate The Giants

This may be difficult at first but if you can associate with the already established giants in your domain, it will get you noticed even faster.

This is exactly why newly formed brands tend to work with the influencers and celebrities.

They want their audiences to believe that the most beloved and popular human beings like to associate themselves with the brand which further increases the brand鈥檚 chances to secure a safe spot in their target audience鈥檚 minds.

You can do the same by resharing content from the giants with a touch of your own, commenting and maybe inviting them over for podcasts.


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And lastly, a very unconventional way of building a personal brand is to pick a fight against something that is established in your industry but you鈥檙e sure is wrong. Something you think you can do better or help your audience do better. By picking a fight against it, you will use your personal narrative to attract the like-minded audience which might help you build a personal brand quickly.

But do be careful because you will be acting against a lot of minds by pissing them off. Only take this route when you truly becomes an expert at something or knows it better than anybody else.



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Learn 7 secrets of turning yourself into a personal brand from the infamous growth marketer and author Talha Mumtaz.

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