🔧Did you know? Psychopaths are well versed in impression... - Deepstash

🔧Did you know? Psychopaths are well versed in impression management and ingratiation, both skills that can be used to influence people in positions of power.


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Set forth on a path to healing and self-discovery after leaving a toxic relationship. Acquire hands-on tactics to rebuild your life, find peace, and embrace a happier, healthier future.

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Different Competencies

The skills that made a great performer excel, the aggression and the drive, did not translate well when the same performer was in charge of a team, where other skills like people management come into play.

The best teacher of the school cannot be simply promoted as a school principal.

A Value Proposition

  • While listing our skills is important, it is also imperative that we are able to identify and articulate our skills.
  • Certain transferable skills like an eye for detail or being able to communicate well are easily transferable across industries, but a specific skill like being well...

Things To Consider

Things To Consider

  • We are always communicating. You might know the famous quote by Paul Watzlawick: “One cannot not communicate”.
  • When interpreting body language, consider the entire context: Someone might cross their a...

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