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Where To Make Prototype

Google Doc is enough for the most number of tasks - simple and easy to connect

But sometimes you could use something like Figma or Azure. Or even Power Point


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The prototype mindset

The prototype mindset

Prototyping is all about creating an illusion. To prototype your solution, you’ll need a temporary change of philosophy: from perfect to just enough, from long-term quality to temporary simulation. This is the “prototype mindset,” and it’s made up of four simple principles:

Plain and boring

Plain and boring

Plain has more connotations with negative feelings as it can sometimes indicate ‘boring’ while simple is positive as it is most often associated with minimalistic modern design.

Simple is about functionality and means that a product is easy to use, and sometimes “simple” can be much more e...

Don't Make Things Harder Than They Need To Be - Day 194

  • Imagine working with a frustrating boss. If you could step back and see, you'd probably see that not everything he's asking for is unreasonable. In fact, some of it is pretty easy to do or is, at least agreeable. And if you did it, it might make the rest of the tasks a bit more tolerable.

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