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Choice Is Uncomfortable

Choice Is Uncomfortable

“Choice is uncomfortable,” says Ann Weber, a psychologist from Asheville, North Carolina. “It makes us feel responsible.” “The advantage of indecision is being blameless,” she says. “But the disadvantage is losing control of your life.”


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Overcoming indecisiveness involves recognizing its roots in upbringing and self-esteem issues. Psychologists suggest visualizing supportive and critical voices to overcome doubt. Making frequent, small decisions builds confidence.

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What Is Fear?

Fear only exists to you in your mind and it is protecting you from the unknown. 

As human being, it's going to be normal to feel fear. It's going to happen for the rest of your life, but you do now want to let your fear control you. That is the choice that you get to make. ...

Watch Your Language

Your language really makes an impact when it comes to being more inclusive in the workplace.

Even if you don’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable, your choice of words can inadvertently make others feel excluded. 

It’s OK to be uncomfortable

Putting yourself out there is very uncomfortable for most of us.

But try to remember that discomfort is pretty normal. It's just a feeling, nothing more. So allow yourself to feel uncomfortable and accept that the feeling doesn’t mean you should stop trying that new thing your considering.

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