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Get more physical activity

Get more physical activity

There is a saying that body is connected with our mind and that healthy body is a healthy mind, so if we want our mind to be healthy and stress free we should make sure we spend at least 20 mins per day moving our body let it be yoga, dancing, workout, jogging, running and much more..


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Simple ways that help relieve stress...

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Dancing benefits

  • Dancing is a great all-round cardio workout.
  • Dancing is fun in the way a monotonous treadmill run probably never will be.
  • It can be a social activity and working out together can help to up the difficulty level and increase accountability.
  • Anyo...

Unplug and Play

Unplug and Play

Non-work and screen activities can help free your brain up to focus later on a new task. For at least 30 minutes a day, consider working out, going for a run or bike ride, playing sports, doing puzzles or playing chess

Understanding the Importance of Mind, Body & Soul

Understanding the Importance of Mind, Body & Soul

  1. We all want to be healthier versions of ourselves and improve our overall wellbeing.
  2. Most of the time, we tend to concentrate only on the body, focusing on our physical health.
  3. While this is important, it’s not the only component of wellbeing we should be improving.

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