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The Ultimate Bullet Formula

  • People buy the benefits not the features
  • Benefit is what something does for you, while feature is what something is
  • People buy on emotion and then justify with logic


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Hi there, I love the idea of summarising ideas for people to digest new content at ease. That's what the world needs more!

Copywriting secrets by Jim Edwards

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The feelings economy

People make decisions for emotional reasons, and justify them with rational ones.

So if you want to influence a group of people, take time to identify the emotion that matters most to them, and then create an image that will evoke that emotion. 

Add just enough logic to help...

What are benefits?

Features talk about what the product/service does. Meanwhile, benefits focus on how the product/service can be helpful to the target audience. 

This is basically why people purchase things/services—because it’s helpful to them. That’s also why most ads you see are benefit-f...

The Ultimate Guide to Copywriting

The Ultimate Guide to Copywriting

Copywriting is content writing to make a sale. It is precise, effective, & revolves around creative problem-solving. Copies driving conversions while creating meaningful experiences for the target audience.

The features, the benefits, & the price of a product help determine whether a consum...

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