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Formula 1: problem/ agitate/ solve

Formula 1: problem/ agitate/ solve

  • You define the problem they face
  • You agitate it, make it worse, ,make it hurt
  • You solve it by presenting your product or service as the solution


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Copywriting secrets by Jim Edwards

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Problem – Agitate – Solve Storytelling Formula

  • Problem: Present a problem
  • Agitate: Agitate the problem
  • Solve: Solve the problem

First, you present a problem. Second, instead of presenting the “After”, you intensify the problem with emotional language. Finally,...

PSB: Problem, solution, benefit

  1. Begin with presenting the problem, a clear point of frustration.
  2. Present your well-thought-out solution to the problem
  3. The “Benefit” is typically indirect and should not require much emphasis. Your audiences’ response should come naturally as a r...

A Customer Service Video Tutorial

A Customer Service Video Tutorial

68% of individuals said they would prefer watching a video than contacting a company’s support service to solve a problem with a product. Whatever product or service you offer, your customers will be more satisfied if you provide a video to help them fix their problem as fast as possible...

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