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Embracing Boredom

Embracing Boredom

Newport advises embracing boredom and resisting the urge for constant stimulation. By allowing yourself to be bored, you build the capacity for deep work and reduce dependence on distractions like social media and email.


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The Four Rules of Deep Work

The hard part isn’t knowing that deep work is valuable. The hard part is actually doing it. Why? Because we’re addicted to distractions. We are suckers for multitasking.

The second part of the book is all about helping us deploy more deep work in our lives. To do that, Newport has come up w...

Capturing tasks and preventing distraction

  • Make a habit of gathering all your to-dos in one place - from email, personal tasks like cooking meals, to new ideas for projects. Capture your tasks in a productivity system and add a date when you need to do it.
  • Stay focused by eliminating distractions.

Brain Focus & Productivity

Brain Focus & Productivity

  • Eliminate the Distractions: If bored, go for a walk instead of scrolling social media. Use regular breaks to your advantage by giving your mind time to relax by not engaging in any activities.
  • Create a System: Plan the day to avoid postponing the ta...

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