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The power of (your) space

We understand our environment based on how we interact with it

We understand our environment based on how we interact with it

When we navigate a new area with a map, for example, we start looking at objects in relation to one another.

But if we are exploring a route without a map, we tend to think more about the space in terms of its relation to ourselves.





Donate Supplies

Donating supplies to a classroom or school, you impact some of the most vulnerable in your community – children. A few supplies can help them live up to their potential.

You may...

Feed Someone

For many, hunger is still an issue they contend with, and you can help with that.

Contact local churches, homeless shelters or soup kitchens to find out what their food needs are and help. You can also reach out to other community groups in your area to see what’s there.

Become a Mentor

Mentoring allows you to hone your skills, develop talent in your trade and create a lasting legacy. It also lets you help people who may not get resources and support to develop themselves.

If you’d like to work with people in your industry, look for professional organizations or opportunities through your employer

Hiring Family Members

The act of hiring close friends and family members and can be beneficial or detrimental to the business, depending on various factors.

Benefits: The employer knows...

Things Can Go Wrong

If family members are treated in a previleged manner, or with partiality, it could backfire and toxify the organizational culture. If a family member has to be disciplined or fired, as it can hurt the personal relationship, so one has to draw a line in the beginning before they are hired.

If a clear demarcation of the two roles of a family member and an employee is resisted, it's a sign they are not a good hire.

Before A Family Member Is Hired
  • Make sure you ask the right questions, taking into account their passion and skill-sets and its alignment with your company's mission and values.
  • See if they are a good 'personality fit' in your organization and its existing culture, having the required soft skills.
  • Check if there is any conflict of interest or if the job vacancy ignores qualified candidates in favour of a family member.
  • Make sure you hold the hired family member accountable and set the right standards and expectations.
Feng Shui
Feng Shui

Feng (wind) and Shui (water) is an ancient Chinese art, developed over thousands of years of careful experimentation and observation of nature and surroundings. It is a set...

History of Feng Shui

Feng Shui was one of the five Chinese arts dealing with metaphysics and space, and was known as physiognomy.

This was used to optimize and align the position of buildings, structures and spaces, taking into account the elements of nature.

Modern Feng Shui

Using tools like numbers, symbols, colours, textures and elements, modern Feng Shui practitioners identify spaces that are misaligned and adjust the energy flow to promote health, happiness and abundance.

The two schools of Feng Shui are The Three Gate Method (Form) and The Compass School.