We understand our environment based on how we interact with it

When we navigate a new area with a map, for example, we start looking at objects in relation to one another.

But if we are exploring a route without a map, we tend to think more about the space in terms of its relation to ourselves.



Self Improvement

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Being a volunteer lets you choose how to make an impact in your community doing something that matters to you.

Check with your professional organization for volunteering opportunities. You can also get involved with a non-profit to help them with fundraising for a worthy cause.



The act of hiring close friends and family members and can be beneficial or detrimental to the business, depending on various factors.

Benefits: The employer knows them already and has a personal relationship with them, knows their skills, background and type of personality. This reduces the 'fit-in' time required for a new hire. Family members would, reciprocatively, work with dedication and ownership, having a genuine interest in the business, and maybe continue the legacy in the future.

The ultimate goal of Feng Shui is the blessing we get in our lives. When we breathe, live and work in peace and harmony, we get the life force energy that is required for our needs, goals and dreams. Life is then filled with prosperity, synchronicity, abundance, good health and happiness.

Many Feng Shui items are kept at home to attract wealth, like wealth crystals, laughing buddha, lucky cat and money tree.

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