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There's no right choice

Choices can be well reasoned or poorly reasoned.

Their consequences can be beneficial or bad, but there's no right choice, just a wide range of possibilities and for each, an endless web of consequences.


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"I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it." -Frank Howard Clark

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The glorification of busy

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Informed choices vs. Right choices

Informed choices vs. Right choices

More data won't necessarily lead you to the right choice.

There’s a big difference between trying to make smart, well-informed choices and trying to make the right choices. More information might be helpful, but there’s no guarantee.

“No” or “Not Right Now”

“No” or “Not Right Now”

The problem is simply that saying “no” to a particular pursuit can be hard. But saying “not right now” works just as well. 

It prevents the pursuit from taking up time, while leaving open the possibility of change later.

‘The Paradox of Choice’

More choices don’t equal more happiness, but less. 

Research in recent years has shown over and over again that an overabundance of possibilities to choose from can have terrible effects on our well-being, especially when combined with regret, adaptation, social comparison, and conce...

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